On Days Like This...

On days like today, this sweet little face keeps me going.

Henry's teething, and today was just one of those days that his mouth hurt--bad. Chewing on everything in sight (including my face) and drooling bucket loads. Woefully crying, while I try everything I know to make him feel better.

The issues at church are just really loading me down. I can't stand under the weight of them, and I need to give the whole situation to God and let Him take care of it, but it's hard. I see where none of us is willing to change our ways, and it bothers me. My wonderful sister-in-law, Katie, told me that I see the injustices of the world, and they bother me "to my core." I really didn't know exactly what she meant until now. I think they bother me so bad because I see them in myself, too, and it frustrates me to no end that I can't just drop them and leave them. Ah, Satan knows me better than that. He knows to lurk close by, because soon enough, I'll slip up and WHAM! there he is to get me seething again. I wish it wasn't so. How grateful I am that God is always closer than that rascal; if it wasn't for Him, who knows where I would be!

On days like this, I tend to feel like I'm a bad mommy. I can't make Henry's mouth feel better; my mind is preoccupied with things I can't control; and I can't bite into anything (because of the gum grafting. I want an Arby's French Dip and Swiss sandwich so bad, but I don't want to cut it into bite-size pieces just to enjoy it! Maybe I should just settle for a Wendy's Frosty...) I wonder if I give Henry enough tummy time. I worry that he isn't developing at the appropriate rate (he is.) I wish that I loved every moment of mommyhood. I want to be a super mommy. And while I know I don't always get it right, that sweet, smiling little boy asleep in the next room thinks I'm alright, I guess. If he didn't, he wouldn't have smiled at me the way he did in that picture.

Yes, it's been a rough day, but God didn't promise we wouldn't have trials. Yes, Henry's mouth hurts, but marvelous things are happening under his little gums. And yes, I can't change--or control--what happens at church. But I know the One who does know all these things and more. And on days like this, sometimes I need to be reminded of that.