I Love My Parents!

This weekend, I have had some kind of little stomach bug. It lasted a couple of days, and now thankfully has left my system. Unfortunately, I think I gave it to John, but Henry hasn't caught it yet so that's a good thing. Here's hoping he doesn't catch it at all!

You know how it feels when you don't feel well; you just don't have any energy, and all you want to do is lie down and sleep. Well, when you have a five month old, your wants--and even your needs--get superceded by what your baby wants and needs. They don't understand that Mommy doesn't feel well and needs to lie down.

So my parents visited yesterday, and let me tell you, they were lifesavers. The pile of dishes and three loads of laundry left me feeling pretty helpless. Getting basic chores done is hard enough with a baby, let alone getting them done when you're sick on your stomach for two days! But my sweet mom and wonderful daddy came, and while Daddy helped John in the garden, my mom washed all my dishes, washed all my laundry, and even swept and mopped the floors (the last time the floors got done was when she did them, too!) They even brought lunch in for us. And then, they played with Henry while I spent time sinking into the couch. :o)

My parents are wonderful in many ways, but they have the uncanny ability to place themselves in my shoes and then think about what would be most helpful. My mom uses her experience as a new mom 25 years ago to do the things for me that she appreciated having done. And I appreciate them, too!

Thank you isn't enough and will never be. But I love them dearly and appreciate all they do!