Adventures with Cloth Diapering

Here is my sweet little man in his new cloth diapers! Yes, that's right, I made the switch to cloth diapers--at least for around home. I don't know that I'm brave enough--or adept enough--yet to venture around town on errands with cloth diapers. Though I have a sneaky suspicion that at some point, I'll reach a level of comfort where that's what I do. So far it hasn't been too bad, though it does take some getting used to. Henry had his first poopy cloth diaper last night, and I have to admit, I was pretty grossed out. I mean, I am the girl who threw away the first onesie Henry pooped out of because I was so digusted! And Henry's poop is still breastfed baby poop, so there's nothing to it!
 I went through his clothes this morning because, with the added bulk of the cloth diaper and cover, his 0-3 month stuff won't fit anymore. Yes, my almost 6 month old could still wear his pants and shirts in 0-3 month. He's tall, but he has zero butt (unless he's wearing the cloth diaper haha!) so everything still fit him. I went ahead and pulled out his 6-9 month stuff because we'll probably start putting him in that. Cloth diapers certainly are bulkier than disposables, but I'm hoping the switch makes the diaper rash issues disappear. There's a give and take with everything, isn't there?
 There are definitely some plusses to cloth diapering. Babies in cloth diapers tend to have less diaper rash. We'll have less of a trash bill, which will be wonderful! We opted not to have weekly garbage service because we never filled a trashcan by then. So we take our garbage to the local recycling center and pay by the pound, which wasn't so bad before Henry came along. Those diapers are SO heavy, which made our garbage weigh a lot more, so we were having to pay a lot more. Hopefully, our garbage amount will decrease, and so will the amount of money leaving our pockets! Another plus is the cute bum factor! Babies look so cute in cloth diapers, and with all the different colors of diapers and covers, the sky's the limit on what color and style you want. That's a totally superficial reason to do cloth diapers, but hey, we want our babies to look as cute as possible, right?
 These aren't minuses, per se, but there are some bigger responsibilities with cloth diapers. For instance, you have to do laundry every night or every other night. And you have to use specific detergents, not just any old stuff you think smells the best. The initial cost of cloth diapers can seem like a deterrent at first, but when you think of how much money you can save in the long term, it makes it a little easier to swallow.
 For now, I think this is going to be a beautiful partnership--Henry's butt and cloth diapers, that is.

You could always start them

You could always start them now. We started about three weeks ago. Henry is now in 6-9 months because of his diapers making his butt more bulky! He's just long and skinny, so his onesies and pants in 0-3 months would still fit.

I think I am going to try

I think I am going to try cloth diapers with my next because he pooped on so many of his out fits I might as well clean diapers too. Ohh the money I will save. I can't believe that Henry is still in 0-3 month. Owen has been in 6-9 for a couple of weeks.