Piles, Piles, Piles

I'm a piler. I pile papers; I pile books; I pile boxes. I pile. haha...now the word "pile" looks funny and sounds funny. Anyway, I'm a piler. I pile things up until they're just about to fall...and then I start a new pile! This works great for papers and other inanimate things (though it would be better if I just found a place for those things instead of piling them in the first place), but it doesn't work so great for people, or emotions, or feelings.

Adventures with Cloth Diapering

Here is my sweet little man in his new cloth diapers! Yes, that's right, I made the switch to cloth diapers--at least for around home. I don't know that I'm brave enough--or adept enough--yet to venture around town on errands with cloth diapers. Though I have a sneaky suspicion that at some point, I'll reach a level of comfort where that's what I do. So far it hasn't been too bad, though it does take some getting used to.


I have about decided that when someone tells you that you need to "pray and ask God to change your heart" that, in actuality, they are the ones that need to pray and ask God to change their heart. Maybe not in every instance, but in most instances. The only time I can think of that that statement is meant sincerely, is the time when you yourself admit to needing to change your attitudes about someone or something.

Where's My Focus?

I allow other people to get in the way of my relationship with God. I realized this today, driving to Wal-mart, thinking about things at church. I get so mad at people who are only serving themselves, and then that's all I focus on, which takes my attention and focus off God. So how am I any better than those people?

My Sweet Man


The sheer joy on Henry's face is one of the purest, most beautiful things in the world. I hope he always will smile like that when he thinks of me.

I Love My Parents!

This weekend, I have had some kind of little stomach bug. It lasted a couple of days, and now thankfully has left my system. Unfortunately, I think I gave it to John, but Henry hasn't caught it yet so that's a good thing. Here's hoping he doesn't catch it at all!

To Have A Friend...

Yesterday I had lunch with my in-laws, and I enjoyed it! Yes, you read that right. I had fun and would love to do it again (I'm sure there's some embittered person who hates their in-laws cursing me right now.) I met my two sisters-in-law and my mother-in-law at Red Robin, a hamburger restaurant, for lunch. It was so nice to see my two nephews and see how they have grown and changed.

On Days Like This...

On days like today, this sweet little face keeps me going.

Henry's teething, and today was just one of those days that his mouth hurt--bad. Chewing on everything in sight (including my face) and drooling bucket loads. Woefully crying, while I try everything I know to make him feel better.

Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Yesterday, I used the curling iron on my hair. To most people, this is an everyday occurrence. But for a new mommy, it is an incredible feat! I'm being very serious here. I spend so much time looking after Henry's needs and wants that I rarely take the time anymore to spend fifteen minutes making my hair actually look nice--you know, not just in a messy ponytail. It actually made me feel...pretty. I've gotten so sick of my hair, and I've debated about chopping it all off.

Lord's Supper

Yesterday at church, we had the Lord's Supper. I didn't participate. I have never not participated in the Lord's Supper. But I couldn't. Jesus tells us that to partake of the Lord's supper, we don't need to have enmity in our hearts towards another person, and right now, I do have some issues with some people at church. We've had some issues at church, where people got mad at the pastor and left the church in anger because he wouldn't leave.
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