Bye Bye

This morning, Henry was eating Cheerios in his high chair while John was getting ready to go get a hair cut and do a few errands in town (he doesn't work on Fridays...yay for us!)  John was in the bathroom shaving, and Henry could see that Daddy was in the bathroom.  He left the bathroom to go in the bedroom, and when he went out of sight, Henry waved his hand from front to back and said, "Ba Ba Ba."

Now, I could be reading WAY too much into that, but it looked to me like my little man waved bye to his daddy and tried to say "Bye Bye."  It could all have been a fluke, but I prefer to think otherwise!  :o)


So sweet! :)

I don't think it was a

I don't think it was a fluke.  Moms know!