Weddings, Stress, and The Office

I love the television show The Office.  I think it's hilarious, and I love the humor, and it's just a great show.  Not everyone gets the humor, and that's okay.  But on Thursday at 9, my TV is on NBC or I'm taping during that time!


Last night on The Office, Pam and Jim were getting married.  If you an Office aficionado, this is a huge deal--these two have been flirting since Season One!  What I loved about it was the comment Pam made to Jim: "Why did we invite so many people?"  It made me laugh because I'm pretty sure I said that exact same sentence, along with "How did our wedding get so big?  We didn't want all this stuff!  I'm going to go nuts before Saturday!"  Then, the best thing happened--Jim took Pam to a boat overlooking Niagara Falls, and they got married on the boat and then came back to the church and had the ceremony for all their guests.


Sound familiar?  John and I didn't go to Niagara, but we did get married the Monday before our wedding.  It really helped take the stress away.  When our cake wound up in a ditch, we just laughed it off.  We were able to have fun on that day instead of being stressed out about how we looked or who was there or if the food was good or not.


Looking back, I would do the same thing again.  It wasn't the popular choice, and we made some people mad, but ultimately, we got what we wanted.  When Henry decides to get married (oh, 30, 40 years down the road haha) I want him have a stress free experience.  I want him and his wife-to-be to be happy and in love and joyful over getting married, not stressed out and upset by others' selfish wants and desires, including my own.  Taking my own experiences and behaving in a way that would show Henry just how great a mom I am :o) is what I need to do in all things, not just in major life experiences.

The office

I wanted to see the show, even though I am not an office fan really, but missed it!  Oh well... hope you liked it. - kt