What I Have To Do...

...before we can go on vacation Thursday:

~wash Henry's cloth diapers
~dry Henry's cloth diapers
~fold Henry's cloth diapers
~wash dishes
~call the insurance company for John
~call the back doctor for John
~pack my clothes and toiletries
~pack Henry's clothes and toiletries
~take out the compost veggies
~have lunch with Justina
~tutor a former student
~pay two bills
~stop delivery of the newspaper


Did I mention most of this has to be done before 9am? 

I know we'll have fun; Henry and I are staying with some dear friends in Kentucky while John and his grandpa hunt in Kansas, but it's a lot to get done before we can leave.  And I worry that the change in routine will throw Henry for a loop.

Oh, and I think I'm getting sick. 

God, I give you all this stuff right now, and I ask that you give me peace and you help me get everything done.  Keep us safe.  Help us have fun, and thank you for good friends.  Amen.

You are the pro of planning!

Dearest Laura,

You are the pro when it comes to planning, organizing, making lists and staying on task!  How I admire your abilities to super-manage all things!  I hope you have a wonderful trip and visit.  I can't wait to see how many new things that Henry does when he gets back from being away for a whole week!!  Let us hear from you from time to time! Can't wait to see you when you get back home!  I love you!

Love forever,