A Much Needed Update

It feels like forever since I've written anything on here, but I see it's only been a week.  I'm telling you, when I had Henry, my concept of what day it is just flew out the window, along with other bits and pieces of my brain.  I can only hope Henry caught those bits and pieces and shoved them in his head--maybe then he'll be ahead of the game in some areas!  :o)

Monday was a day I had looked forward to for a week!  My sister's birthday was last week, and she was coming home for Fall Break but also to have a little birthday celebration with Mom, Dad, Henry and me.  I was so excited for it!  We had good food and a great birthday cake, and we were able to laugh and relax and just spend time together.  Growing up, my sister and I got on each others' nerves--a lot.  Now, though, we have a great time together.

Here is my daddy and Henry at the rocking chair my parents bought for Henry when he is visiting at their house.  I love this picture.  I think it's great!  Here's a picture of Henry in his rocking chair.

He looks like such a little boy in this picture as opposed to a little baby, don't you think?  I could just eat him with a spoon...such a cutie!

Here's one of my sister and Henry. 

Another treat on Monday was getting to visit my cousin and his wife who had twin girls on October 3.  I made them a lasagna and some brownies so they wouldn't have to cook or go out for food; that was always something I really appreciated when I had Henry.  They also have a daughter who will be two next month.  Their little girls were beautiful, but so tiny!  It was like holding a baby doll.  Henry was so big at birth that he was their size while still in utero!  It was great to see them all; I can't wait until Christmas when we're all together.  Four babies under the age of three!  It's going to be so fun!

Tuesday was the only pretty day this week.  How I am ready for the sunshine again!  So I took Henry outside to play.  Once he gets comfortable with being in the grass (usually about 5-10 minutes) then he'll crawl all over the yard.  We've already had to pull grass out of his mouth, and he tried to eat gravel the other day, so I have to watch him pretty closely.  I took the camera with me this time and made some pictures of him.  Of course he wouldn't look at me, but I got some pretty good shots.  Here's one I like.

He played with that piece of grass for the longest time!  I love the look of concentration on his face.

This is my favorite photo from our time outside, though. 

I never could figure out what he was looking at so intently.

Wednesday through Friday went something like this: It rained.  We couldn't go outside.  It was cold.  Henry didn't want to take his naps, so he was tired and grumpy. 

Tomorrow we have a photographer coming to our house to take pictures of the three of us.  We haven't had any professional photos made of the three of us before (I know, I know, we are so slack) so I am so excited!  The lady coming to take them is someone I knew in high school, and I like her work, plus she has a great special going on right now.  Her website, if you're interested is: http://www.studio22photography.net


He is such I cuite!  I love the one of him in a the rocking chair.  I hope your picture session went well and I can't wait to see them!