First Real Boo Boo

So yesterday was Henry's first real boo-boo.  We were in the living room, and Henry was trying to pull up on the end table.  He's done this many times before, so it isn't something new.  I was sitting in the chair beside the table talking to my mom and watching Henry.  As Henry is pulling up on the table, he loses his grip on the edge of the table and falls, face first into the leg of the table.  It was like one of those slow motion things, where you see it all happen but can't do anything about it. 

He gave a little cry, and I immediately picked him up.  Then he did that thing where kids breathe in and hold it for a few seconds before they burst your eardrums with the loud, high-pitched squeal of being in pain.  The thought occurred to me, "I hope he doesn't start bleeding."  No sooner had I thought it that I noticed his mouth was bleeding.  I whisked him to the kitchen to get a wet paper towel, which he wouldn't put in his mouth.  So I had Mom get his cold teether out of the fridge.  That way he could suck and chew on it to feel better but also to stop the bleeding.  Luckily, there's no visible damage or bruise, and no busted lip either.  Within five minutes, he was back to playing in the floor and pulling up on the furniture again.

Is it bad that my first thought after "I hope he doesn't start bleeding" was "Oh no!  Don't bleed on me or the furniture!?"

called each other

Oh, no.  I hope he is all better.  Peanut hit his head bad that day - fell three feet onto concrete with a concrete bench to break his fall via the side of his head.  I was super upset (probably mroe than him) and I totally get the "slow mo" thing!  They must have called each other to plan it :)  Peanut doesn't seem to be permanetly damaged or anything.