My Favorite Routine

One of my favorite routines with Henry is bedtime. Henry gets a bath every night, whether he actually needs it or not! My sister gave him a blue hippo bath toy when he was born, and for the longest time he just wasn't interested in it, but for the last few days, he's grabbed for it and tried to put it in his mouth. Last night he tried to drown it!

After his bath, Daddy pretends to eat his toes. Henry loves it; he starts grinning as soon as John starts sniffing the air saying, "I smell something..."

Then, we lay Henry on our bed and read him a Bible story. John has been reading this book to him since before he was born. It is the neatest thing; Henry can be playing and cooing and looking all over the room, and as soon as John starts reading, Henry stops making noises and looking around and focuses on the story and the pages. The way he moves his eyes back and forth makes it look like he's reading! He also sucks on his toes while he's being read to; I think it's just the cutest thing. Babies are so flexible! I tried getting my toes to my mouth the other night, and I just looked stupid.

Last, I sing Henry a hymn. We usually try to sing one that is related to the story, but we can't always find one. He seems to like "When We All Get to Heaven" especially. That one used to calm him down when he was fussy. Then, he nurses to sleep.

I wonder sometimes if he can comprehend anything that's being read to him or if he just likes the sound of Daddy's voice. When he's hearing about Jesus, I wonder what he's thinking. Does he realize how much Jesus loves him? Better still, do I realize how much Jesus loves me?

Do you realize how much Jesus loves you?