Why won't the sweet baby sleep?

So, it's 4:15pm, and Henry should be taking a nap right now. But instead he's blowing raspberries (I bet his whole face is covered in drool and spit by this time!) and squealing and grunting. He's probably playing with his blanket and waving his arms, too. Why does he have to be so cute all the time!? It makes it hard to leave him alone to let him go to sleep, but I'm trying!

He didn't sleep well last night, and if he doesn't sleep well, then I don't sleep well. He wanted to eat every two to three hours last night; it reminded me of the first few weeks of his life! Whenever something in your child's routine changes, you automatically wonder if something is wrong with you. Is he getting enough to eat? Is his nose still stopped up? Could I have suctioned it out better during the day? What did I do wrong to prevent him from sleeping well?

In reality, there's probably nothing I did wrong or could have done better. It was just one of those nights. Hopefully, we won't have "just one of those nights" again for a while; I need more sleep than I got!