Computer Woes

Well, our computer died this past week. I don't know what happened; I don't know why it happened; but I do know when it happened--last Tuesday. Thankfully, my husband was able to format and re-install stuff (which we're still doing, but at least we have the minimum to have it function!) And a shout out has to go to John's brother who was so gracious to help him out by telling him what to do to fix it. Thank you! Thank you!

It's interesting because I don't need this computer to survive. It doesn't provide me food or shelter or water or love or anything like that. Yes, it's useful, but if we didn't have a computer we would manage. Some things would be more difficult, things like writing this blog (!), but life would go on.

But life doesn't go on if I don't have Jesus. I mean, I wouldn't drop dead simply because I didn't consider Jesus my Saviour, but the end result would be a lot less pleasant. And if I spent time with Jesus like I tend to spend time at this computer, then imagine how great a relationship we could have!

I'm certainly glad the computer is back up and running, but I'm even more thankful that my Jesus never winds up crashing!