Two Washcloth Supper

Tonight was a two washcloth meal. I had originally planned on making lasagna, but as I was collecting ingredients I realized I didn't have enough lasagna noodles. But I did have those large shells that look like Velveeta shells on steroids, so I used them instead. I made the sauce like I always do and just put the ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan mixture inside the shells and baked it. It was so yummy!

It was also very messy for Henry. He had so much fun mashing it up and bringing the shell to his mouth and eating it. It took two washcloths and the kitchen sponge to get him, his Bumbo and tray, and the table clean! But, the main reason I love baby led weaning so much is that Henry tries what we eat, and he's learning how to eat on his own terms. You'll notice in the picture that he's holding a spoon in his left hand. He always holds onto silverware while he eats with his right hand. He doesn't actually use the silverware, but he must hold onto it (or he thinks he must anyway!) As you can see, he thoroughly enjoyed himself tonight!