Adventures in Cloth Diapering, Part Two

Well, we have been cloth diapering Henry's butt now for two or three months, and I have to say, I'm very glad we started cloth diapering.  I only wish we had started sooner!

Since my last post about cloth diapers, John has installed a diaper sprayer for me.  I told him I wanted one for my birthday, and in short order (and a 2 hour trip to Lowes), voila!, I had a nice, new diaper sprayer.  Looking back, I should have asked for jewelry or something if I was going to get my gift that quickly!  :o)  Anyway, the diaper sprayer has literally been one of the best purchases.  Now that Henry is eating some solid food, he no longer has the runny nastiness known as breastfed baby poo.  Instead, he has the peanut butter consistency poo that screams, "Hey, I'm eating food, and I like it!"  Any mom or dad who reads this will know what I'm talking about.  All others suddenly aren't hungry anymore.  Because of the diaper sprayer, I haven't had to use liners in Henry's diapers.  It doesn't mean I won't at some point, but for the time being, they aren't needed.

We still haven't had any blow outs in using the cloth diapers.  Well, I take that back, we had one, but it wasn't the diaper's fault.  We didn't have the leg holes tight enough on the pocket diapers, and when Henry pooped, it came out the leg hole and pooled in his footed sleeper.  A bath was in short order!  Once I tightened the leg holes, we have had no problems!  And, trust me, there have been some major rumblings coming from that kid's butt region!  It's nice knowing that I don't have to change his clothes two or three times a day because the diaper keeps it all contained.

I have stripped my diapers once since I bought them, and all things considered, that's not too frequently.  Henry hasn't had nasty diaper rash since we switched, which has been great, too!  Seeing as that's the whole reason we switched over in the first place, it's great knowing that they're doing what we want them to do. 

To close, here are some previously unseen photos of Henry.  He sounds like Bigfoot, doesn't he?  Previously unseen footage!





It's much more fun to eat the bowl than to eat the food inside of it!









I could just eat.  him.  up!  Check out his bib: he is definitely a stud muffin!  :o)



diapers galore

Hey Laura, It looks like you were hanging up the diapers.  Do you dry the poket diapers that way now?  I am so glad that solids are agreeing with him and there has been no sign of allergy- yay!     - kt

I do dry the pocket diapers

I do dry the pocket diapers that way.  Those and the covers get air dried, but everything else goes in the dryer.  I had read the dryer could cause the pockets and covers to not last as long, and I want them to last as long as possible!  Yay for no allergies so far is very true!  We still haven't given him anything with nuts, but he has been around peanut butter.  So far, so good.

cloth rocks

You know, we've been cd'ing for a little over two years now and I have yet to invest in a diaper sprayer...probably because at my house it would involve far more than two hours & a trip to Lowe's LOL
Glad it's working so well for you and Henry!