Christmas Ornaments

It's October 1, and I'm talking about Christmas!  haha  My wonderful sister-in-law Katie, who was made to be a mommy, always has the most wonderful ideas to do with her little one, and I will be the first to admit that I will beg, borrow, and/or steal her ideas to use with Henry!  So when we were talking about Christmas the other week, and my concerns about Henry attacking the tree or the tree attacking Henry, she told me about some felt ornaments she bought to use on their tree.  I loved the idea!  But I couldn't find any at the store or online, so I decided to make some myself.


I started working on these on Tuesday, so they took two days to complete, and I'm actually pretty excited about how they turned out!  Normally when I envision something, it never looks as good as what my brain saw it as.  But this time was different!  I made 12 pieces in all: Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the Angel, 2 shepherds, 2 wise men, 2 sheep, and 2 stars.  I made 2 stars because I like the five pointed star, but John thinks the Star of David is more appropriate, so I made both of them.  I haven't decided which one I'll use.  Maybe I'll use one of them as the tree topper and the other one just on the tree as we tell the nativity story.


Here are some pictures of the ornaments:



Here are Mary and Joseph.










Here are the angel and baby Jesus--only the most important piece of all!








Here are the two shepherds.









And here are the two sheep!  I love sheep, so of course there had to be a couple.  :o)






Here are the two wise men.  The Bible never says how many wise men came to see Jesus, and I know they didn't come until Jesus was a toddler, but the Nativity seemed empty without them, so here they are!





Here are the two stars.  The one on the left is the Star of David, and the one on the right is just my freestyle five-point star.  Which do you like better?






The grand finale, ladies and gentlemen!

Here are all the ornaments.  They will be put on the tree of course, but here they are altogether. 


Oh, I LOVE these! Great

Oh, I LOVE these! Great work.

And as for the tree...we weren't quite so smart at Katie; I resorted to just decorating the upper half of the tree any time we had a crawler/early walker in the house!

-kt apple

Great job, as usual!!!  All

Great job, as usual!!!  All of the ornaments turned out much better than the store bought things that we saw at Hobby Lobby!  I LOVE how the sheep turned out!  The ribbon adds just the right touch of glitter to announce the importance of the birth of the Christ child.  Can't wait to see them in person. It will be fun to see which ones that Henry favors when they are hung on the Christmas tree!  You are really something, Laura, and all of it is GREAT!       :-)  I love you!

Love forever, Mom

Love 'em

Okay, so yours are officially rockin it way more than mine!  Homemade are always best ~ now I am inspired to make some in the future (perfect project for when Matthew is lower elementary I think).  Awesome job!  kt