It's Potty Time!

No, it isn't time to potty train Henry; he just loves the toilet!  I take him with me when I go to the bathroom, because if I don't, there's just no telling where he'll be when I head back to the living room.  He'll usually play with the laundry baskets or pull himself up on the tub, but once he hears the toilet flush, he is all over that toilet!  He'll crawl between my legs, pull up on the toilet, and just stand there, patting the toilet lid.  Does he not know I can't move when he does this!?  Here are some pictures of him at the toilet.




Here he is, happily patting the toilet lid.










He looks so proud of himself, doesn't he?






And now for my personal favorite.  Henry tries to anticipate the flash on the camera by squinting his eyes.  I don't like to use the flash, but he is so active now that all my non-flash pictures come out blurry.  He looks kinda like a little pink piggy, doesn't he?  (He will LOVE Mommy writing that when he's 16 and trying to be all cool, won't he?)

Nettles Boys

Matthew does the eyes half shut for the picture too.  What is it with the Nettles boys and their pottys?  :) KT

It must be the one place they

It must be the one place they feel at peace with nature.  Either that, or they have a thing for porcelain!  :o)