Henry and I spent some time outside today because the weather was absolutely glorious, and we had a nice, cool breeze.  I put a quilt down for him to sit on, but once he got comfortable with being outside, he crawled all over the yard!


Here are some things we learned today:

~We learned about colors: "Henry, the blade of grass is green.  The sky is blue."

~We learned about texture: "Doesn't the grass tickle your toes?"

~We learned about art: "Look, Henry, Mommy can make a ring out of this blade of grass!"

~We learned about science: "Henry, grass is for cows to eat, not for little boys to eat!"  (said in a very stern voice)

~We learned about discipline: "When you eat the grass, Mommy will take it out of your mouth and make you sit with her for a minute."

~We learned about PE: "Henry, don't crawl into the flower bed!"


And who says little kids can't learn?  ;o)


See, your homeschooling already! :) ~ kt


haha...I prefer to think of it as taking advantage of "teachable moments."  Homeschooling still connotes images of denim jumpers!  :o)

Denim Jumper

I feel pretty sure (though I have never done research) that it is possible to homeschool without a denim jumper.  In fact, I believe it is quite possible to go an entire homeschool career without one even entering the closet.  I cannot promise this, but I am having a hard time seeing Adam and Eve either one in a jean jumper (if they wore jumpers it was probably fig leaf weave or buffalo fur and probably not denim).  This is my current theory.  ~kt

Laura, I love how you wrote

Laura, I love how you wrote that!  You are such an awesome teacher. :)