I love my little Henry son.  It's 11pm, and I just laid Henry down after nursing, and it suddenly occurred to me, "Aww...I love you so much.  You are a blessing."  I don't know where it came from.  I mean, sure, I feel that way all the time, but I tend to focus on the frustrations instead of focusing on the blessings.  And for some reason, I'm focusing on the blessings of this sweet, little boy.  And all I can say is, "Thank You, God, for helping me to do that.  Help me, God, to always focus on the blessings." 


















I remember

I remember when Matthew was around 4-5 months old for the first time stopping and having the same thoughts.  After that, each month got easier and easier!  Now I feel that way most of the day (except on fussy afternoons) :).  Children are a delight and a blessing!  kt