Happy Anniversary!

Today is our five year anniversary. In some ways, it doesn't feel like I could possibly have been married that long. And yet, in other ways, it seems like I've known my husband forever (in a good way, of course!) Alot has happened in the five years that we've been married. We've moved twice, bought a house, bought a car (my "mommy-mobile" as I call it), and had a baby; and that's just the big stuff that everybody thinks about going along with marriage! We're incredibly blessed.

It'd be easy to say that because of all our hard work, we've been able to accomplish what we have, but, really, the credit has to be given to God. He chose to bless our efforts and to give us what we've got. I will always love that when John and I first started dating, he told me that going to church was very important to him and that we needed to go together. Because we've strived to keep God first in our marriage (easier said than done at times), I think God has allowed us to reap the rewards of serving Him.

I love my God; I love my husband; I love our son; I love my life. Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Happy Anniversary! (Sorry I

Happy Anniversary! (Sorry I forgot- I am really good at dates! :) j/k) Hope you had a great one!