Back on Schedule

I have decided that I think it's time to try and put Henry on a schedule...albeit a loose schedule anyway. Something like this:

7:00am--Wake up
4 or 5ish pm--Nap (only if he acts tired)

From everything I've read, around 9am and 1pm is when babies want to sleep anyway. This might help save my sanity. Of course, the great part is that I'll go by what Henry needs, and if all the research I've read is true, then he'll want to go down around these times anyway.

We started this yesterday loosely, and it worked pretty well. Here's hoping it keeps going!

Kate, I'm so glad it's

Kate, I'm so glad it's going so well! Henry usually only sleeps about an hour at a time. It's awesome that you can get Owen to sleep over four hours during the day!

I was not into routines

I was not into routines either with Owen. But things were not going well so I thought I would just give it a try! Well, he has been doing so well on his new routine! It is quite loose though, and I follow Owen's lead. It looks something like this:

6 am - wake up, have breakfast, play
7 am - cat nap for about 30 mins to an hour
10 am - 2 hr nap, then the daily activity, which may be swimming or grocery shopping!
3 pm - 2 hr nap, then play then supper
6.30 - start bath and bedtime routine
7.30 - asleep!

That is what it basically looks like, but the times are flexible. It is working out well for us!

I agree with you. Henry has

I agree with you. Henry has never slept for that long at a time. He usually sleeps an hour in the morning and an hour to two in the afternoon. I like the idea of a "down time" though I would probably call it my "sanity break!" :o)

Peanut's schedule has

Peanut's schedule has morphed from a daily nap from 10:30 to 2 all the way 1:15 to 3:00. That is over about 2 years. He just kept having longer stamina in the mornings and his naps keep getting shorter from almost 4 hours to less than 2 hours. I am going to hang on to a nap time for a long time even if it morphs into a "down time" because I think we both need a mid day break from each other and activity.