Why is it that the one day you need your child to take their naps they don't want to?

Why can't the post office have a drive through window so you don't have to drag the little one out of the car just so you can buy some stamps?

Why can't candy be good for you?

Why is milk white?

Why am I so afraid of spiders and bugs?

Why do I constantly compare myself to other people, when I know that God is happy with me just as I am?

Why don't I rely more on Him when I feel the need to compare myself to others?

Why is my bed so comfortable, especially so when Henry is ready to get up and play?

Why does junk food taste so good?

Why can't I fix potato salad or biscuits and have them taste as good as my parents'?

Why can't you have your cake and eat it, too?

You will be well prepared

You will be well prepared for the questions of a preschooler :)