Everyone has friends whom they admire. Friends who always have the right attitude or the right answers. Friends who stay the course and don't get distracted by extraneous stuff. And when you have those friends, you're lucky, and if you're smart, you pay attention to the way they live their life.

One such friend of mine is my sister-in-law, Katie. Katie is, perhaps, one of the most God-centered people I know. What I mean is this: before Katie makes a decision, she prays about it. She searches for the Truth and does what He tells her is best. And she never seems to question it either! Because she tries to remain in the center of God's will, she's full of His peace. Even when things don't go like she wants them to, she doesn't whine and complain. Instead, she draws even closer to God, and in those trying times, she's an even bigger witness to what God will do in your life if you seek Him. I want to be like that--thoughtful of my words and actions, slow to anger, quick to pray.

Another friend I admire is Justina. Justina loves God with all her heart, and it shows. A teacher, she strives to teach her students about God and His love for them. She is willing to submit to whatever God wants for her life, and she has the faith to know that God is in control, no matter the circumstance. She is joyful in sorrow and frustration. I want to be like that--joyful in all things; faithful through everything, unashamed of my God.

A third person I admire is my mom. My mom can make anyone feel right at home. She is always so warm and welcoming to people. She teaches computer classes to adults and senior adults, people who don't always understand the ways a computer works (well, I don't always understand either, but that's another blog for another day!) She is patient with them, and she makes up little exercises for them to do for practice on the computer. So many of her students keep her informed of how they're doing after they take her class, and she always has good reviews from her students. I want to be like that--inviting to everyone, creative as all get out, joyful in everything.

I also admire my sweet husband, John. He works 40 hours a week so I can stay home with Henry. He mows the yard and fixes the cars and takes out the trash. He loves Henry dearly. He is slow to anger and quick to forgive. He works hard and works thoroughly at whatever he does. He loves me a lot and loves God even more. He is humble and gracious. I want to be like that--slow to judge, quick to forgive, thoughtful in all things.

There are other people, too, that I admire, but this is enough for one night! If I trust God and look to Him for help, maybe I can attain a few of these things...

Laura, I have to say that

Laura, I have to say that YOU are someone that I admire. Your faithfulness and friendship are more than a blessing!!! Your personality is beautiful, and so are you! I feel exactly what KT wrote. God's patience with me is breathtaking. Thank you for your kind words! ♥ ya! Justina =)

My darling, precious

My darling, precious daughter, Laura! You light up my life in so many ways, and you make it seem so easy to reach out and touch the lives of everyone around you! And you make such a difference in the world just by being the amazing, awesome, kind, and loving friend that everyone needs. I thank you for your love, prayers, wonderful words and precious Henry and John. I love you! I hope your birthday has been super in every way!! Love forever, Mom

>If I am half the woman you

>If I am half the woman you said I am it is due to my weakness and Christ#39;s strength. Thank you for seeing me in such a positive light. Oh, and btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY!