Quick Update

Wow! It seems like forever since I've written anything on here! Life certainly has a way of swooping in and taking over everything, doesn't it?

In the past two weeks, Henry has sprouted another tooth, bringing the grand total to five! I think he's working on the sixth one, too. He's drooling buckets and sucking on his lower lip and chewing everything in sight! Funny fact: Henry will put his fingers in his mouth and chew where he doesn't have any teeth, so it doesn't hurt him. If he manages to get your finger in his mouth, he will bite you every time!

We also bought Henry his "big boy" car seat. It's a convertible car seat that goes to 65 pounds, so he won't need a booster seat until he outgrows this car seat. It's a Britax Boulevard and was quite expensive, but it's so plush and comfy, not to mention very safe if we were to be in an accident, God forbid that happen!

Henry has gotten very good at crawling, too! He started crawling on my birthday, August 28. John calls him Gimpy, because he crawls on his left knee and his right foot. This allows him to go from crawling to sitting very quickly. He's pulling up on everything--me included!--and crusing the coffee table and sofa. Just today, he's started crawling out of the living room, as opposed to staying in there and playing with his toys. I guess he's starting to feel adventurous!

And, he loves to knock over any towers you build with his blocks or stacking cups. He won't build a tower, but if you build one, he will stop what he's doing, crawl over to the tower with a mischevious look in his eye, stop at the tower, and knock it over with his hand. He won't leave anything stacked up, either. Maybe he has a future in demolition...

I think he's starting into some separation anxiety. All day long, I hear, "Mamamamamama" when he's upset, teething, or fighting sleep. And if I leave the room, it's a loud wail, followed by "mamamama" and actual tears. Poor little guy!

Oh, and he LOVES the toilet! haha I take him to the bathroom with me when I have to use the bathroom, because who knows where I would find him if I didn't! He pulls himself up to standing using the toilet. The flush doesn't seem to bother him either. Maybe if he loves the toilet this much now, it will make potty training easier later on!

He is growing up so quickly, and I love it! Some people lament their little baby turning into a toddler, but every day, I find that I enjoy being a stay-at-home mommy more and more. I think I'm just not a little baby person. Maybe one day, I'll lament him growing up so quickly, but for now, I'm enjoying watching him grow and develop. Maybe he'll be walking before long!

I do hope Henry doesn't

I do hope Henry doesn't fall in the toilet. We need to get one of those toilet latch things that keeps the lid down. The other day, he tried to lick the toilet...good thing I caught him in time!

It is great to hear about

It is great to hear about Henry doing all those fun, cool things. He sounds a lot like Matthew was. I am so glad staying at home is becoming more delightful... I think it only gets better. Watch out for the toliet...some kids explore and some fall in (crazy scary). Call you soon!