Can it be?

Can it be true? Is my sweet, baby boy back to his usual cheerful state? I certainly hope so!

Henry has been teething something fierce since his fifth tooth came in a week ago. Since that time, he's been extra fussy and fought sleep harder than he ever has. I knew he was trying to set his sixth tooth, but this one has been rougher than ever. Add to that John's crazy work schedule (thank you, outage!) and what do you get? I'll tell you what you get: a mommy who was ready to say, "I quit!"

Well, this morning, John did his usual "let's check and see if that tooth is finally here" routine with Henry, and lo and behold, I can feel the edge and we can see the tooth. Henry has taken his naps better today (only minimal fussing) and seems to be happier. As John says, Henry is now a "hectatooth"--meaning he has six teeth.

At this point, I am just thankful that my sweet baby is back and that he's snoozing away in his crib!

Even when Henry is having a

Even when Henry is having a rough day, he is still such a good boy! He just needs his mommy's gentle touch and kind voice to comfort him and help him through the pain of teething. Thank you for hanging in there -- both of you are real troopers! I love you very much! Love forever, Mom