Salmon Patties and Bath Bubbles


I decided to make salmon patties tonight for supper.  We're running out of food, and I haven't been to the grocery store, so I needed something fairly quick that didn't require tons of ingredients!  I had never made salmon patties before, but we use to eat them all the time when I was a kid, and they're really good.  So I called my daddy to find out what he did to make them.  Here they are cooking.

While I cooked them (and some broccoli,) Henry played in the pack 'n play with a cake tin and a couple mixing spoons.

Once both the salmon patties and the broccoli were finished cooking, we sat down to eat.  They salmon patties were good, but they weren't as good as the ones my daddy makes.  Why is that?  I do everything exactly how he does, and his always taste better.  It happens with everything I make that he makes!  Biscuits, cherry cobblers, salmon patties...the list goes on and on!  Henry decided he wanted to eat crackers instead of his salmon patty and broccoli spears.  Seriously, the kid could eat crackers and Cheerios all day long and be a happy camper!

After supper, it was "bathtime for my Henry son!" as John likes to sing at Henry as he gets ready for his bath.  Henry has been taking baths in the big bathtub for a week now.  He didn't have any qualms or fears about being in there.  If anything, he has more to be fascinated with--the faucet and the drain stopper especially.  In less than a week, he had figured out to pull the drain stopper to make it stop draining, though I think he was just pulling it and not realizing the water was staying in the tub instead of draining away.  Tonight, though, I pushed the drain stopper thingy so the water would go out of the bathtub.  He turned to face it, looked at it, studied it, and then pulled on it so it would go back up.  Great--he's been in the bathtub a week and can already control what happens to the water!  He loves bathtime, though.  Here he is the tub tonight.

Check out those eyelashes!  The child has some seriously big eyes--I love them! 

Dearest Laura,I am always

Dearest Laura,

I am always fascinated by the pictures and writings that you put on your blog! It is great reading, as you are very expressive, creative, and to-the-point!  Your salmon cakes looked delicious  --  I hope they were as good as they looked in the picture!  Henry will be stirring up yummy food with you in the kitchen before too much longer.  He looked like he had the whisk going at just about the right speed in the picture!  He looks adorable in the big bathtub!  According to daddy, a  good caption might be "A little privacy, please!".  Too cute!!!  I love you!  Love forever, Mom


Bath times are the best!  I like your new blog!  Hope this week is easier on John's schedule.